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Do I have to pay for an estimate?

Yes. If you have an estimate done to determine the work and parts necessary to repair your tool or equipment there will be a fee if we do not perform the repair work.

Will my tool be reassembled?

If an estimate is performed and you don't wish for us to perform the repair work your tool or equipment will be returned in the state it is in during the estimate process. Many times diagnosing the problem requires us to disassemble, meaning you will get your item back in pieces.

Why did I get my tool back in a box?

We do not reassemble tools that have been disassembled during estimates and diagnostic testing. If you would like it reassembled, you will pay the labor rate neccessary to put it back together.

Is my tool covered under warranty?

Each tool manufacturer has its own warranty. To provide you more specific information we need to know the model and serial number for your specific tool.

I dropped off my item for repair but haven't heard back?

We are currently running with a longer than normal turn around time. Due to many manufacturers delays and shipping delays there are longer wait times. We appreciate your patience and will give you a call when your item is ready or if we need more information from you.

Do you repair lawn mowers?

Yes, we repair many items with small engines.

Push mowers

Lawn mowers

Chain saws

Pressure washers


and more.

If you don't see your item listed, just ask.

I don't have a trailer. How can I get my machine to you for repair?

No problem! We offer pick up and delivery services for an extra charge. Just ask when planning your repair.

Do you sharpen blades?

Yes. We sharpen a variety of blades: most anything from chain saw to lawn mower.